99 & Two Thousand: An Anthology of Modern Millennial Stories

Book Cover

unCovered Culture had the wonderful opportunity to be in the room full of talented, visionaries, and world changers. We live in a world where the millennial generation is continuously looked down upon, and they don’t realize that we are out here setting the bar high for the next generation. The agency 20 sumn put together a book called “99 & Two Thousand: An Anthology of Modern Millennial Stories.” If the title doesn’t capture your attention wait until you read about each millennial’s story. Five authors spoke on the panel and shared their experiences about struggles, overcoming adversity and much more.

During the event, Brenten Sims explained where he got his vision from, and it was on his drive to move to Oklahoma he heard God tell him to write a book. He wrote down the names of those he believed their story needed to be heard and called them and of course, they all said yes. As Sims started his journey with this book, he gained clarity from the scripture 1 Peter 1:6-7, and if you don’t know the scripture, I suggest you look it up because it puts such a powerful perspective on his vision. Furthermore, he also expressed why he chose the color yellow, and he explained that it’s supposed to represent the fire that Millennials have towards their passion. We commend him for believing in this generation and wanting to shed light on the amazing things these authors are doing in the community and for themselves.

Brenten & The Millennials

One of the panelist named Larry Whitaker,Jr. who owns the brand ” Starve The Ego. Feed The Soul.” He shares his experience being a millennial and how important it is to speak over yourself and encourage yourself. Also, how you have to keep going because people need to hear your testimony. Whitaker also gets into the importance of spending time to get to know yourself and how journaling can save your life, that’s where he gets his peace and confidence but also keeping God first through all things and making sure his path is clean.

We love our passion but our passion doesn’t always rear the good times

– Larry Whitaker, Jr.

We also heard from Tia Deas who is an Author, Activist, Mother, and Domestic Violence Survivor shares her words of wisdom as well. However, this is her first go-round being an author as she books that she has self-published. However, Deas shares what it was like being a domestic violence survivor and being homeless with a child. I find it quite amazing that you can see the outer exterior of someone and not know what they have been through, and I commend her for her strength to share how she went through depression and how domestic violence pushed her to want to end her life. Instead, she used all of that as ammo to keep going and understood that being alone to deal with yourself is okay.

Another gifted author we heard from was Cameron Bertrand who is the owner of VIP which stands for Violence Intervention and Prevention. He is a gun violence survivor who used his story to make a difference. He shared how being transparent gets you far in life and having a great support system. He expressed that we all go through things that are worth fighting through and I firmly believe that as well. Bertrand surviving gun violence made him understand that he wasn’t taken off this earth because he still has a purpose. He turned his pain into his passion and now helps those around him in his community.

Pulling yourself out of the hole is not only necessary for yourself , but those around you as well

– Cameron Bertrand

Lastly, we heard from Amber Heyward who is the owner of the brand Soul Adults. She shares how vital it is to keep God at the forefront of your life. She shares during tough times she has an amazing support system, and her sense of refuge is believing that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Heyward also shares her struggles in college and how she was known as being called ” DTM” which stands for doing the most because she always had her hands into everything, but sometimes that can be too much, and it can wear you down. She started failing classes, and her GPA suffered. During that time, her parents had to show her tough love and although it was hard it was needed. Heyward even encouraged checking your circle, what you’re listening to, and watching what you take in on social media.

Tough love is necessary and needed when pulling yourself out of that dark hole

– Amber Heyward

We can honestly say we left this event feeling inspired to do better. Everyone has a different journey in life, but we can all use our story to better ourselves and not sulk in our madness. We can use our trials as ammo to encourage others and just do life together. This book is going to change the world and how people view millennials, and it will encourage the youth to get out there and make things happen. We cannot continue to make excuses for our downfalls but instead use it to reach our highest potential.

Shout out 20 sumn for being a game changer.

sierra von