What Does Success Look Like to You?

As a 27-year-old young man, I find myself at times stressing a lot about my life not exactly being where I would like for it to be. Even with knowing that comparison is not healthy at all to do, especially with it sometimes being a killer of confidence within oneself, I see others who have started in the same place as I once did and have elevated leaps and bounds above me. Some are married, well within their careers, enjoying a comfortable life financially. Then there’s me….a person who feels like they’ve been stuck in the same place for years and holding on to hope that one-day things will get better, despite my effort for things to grow seemingly being unfruitful. I was sharing my feelings with my best friend, and I realized after my conversation that I wasn’t the only one. Within our discussion, we shared about the things we desired for our future and expressed the many things we do if things were different among various areas of lives. We were on the same page with much of what we spoke on while conversing until one question that was asked…“What Does Success Look Like For You?”.

After we each paused for reflection, my friend shared that success in their eyes would be living a large home and having an abundance of money in their bank account to not only be able to help out others. They also desired to be in a place where they would never have to worry about debt or bills again. As for me, the biggest thing that I wanted which would define success to me is having peace and stability within my life, despite the amount of money I had or the size of the home I lived in. We further conversed about our thoughts, and we came to a revelation that when it comes to success for some, if not most people is defined by experiences they have had, which they wish to avoid dealing with ever again in life.

Think about it…

Many of us who entered into college or applied for and accepted certain jobs did so to change something within our lives that we did not want to deal with anymore. For my friend, they desired what they did base off experiencing financial hardships and dealing with not having much space in residencies they had. As for me, my desires is a byproduct of being in a place where I was (and sometimes still) restless about where I’m going to go and things constantly changing around me, just when I’m finally able to settle in.

All in all, the more significant point to understand with all of this being shared is that success is something that’s personal and should not be defined by anyone else but yourself. So whether it be living the lavish life, enjoying the simpler things, working to become a CEO, or finding fulfillment in supporting others rather than being the head of a business or corporation, whatever you deem success to be, go after it! Even though there may be some along life’s way that has different opinions about it and may also attempt to critique your definition of success or change your mind entirely about it, remember this for 2020 and the other years to come…

You and I are by no means obligated to make anyone understand the reason why we do what we do in pursuit of what our definition success is

Be Blessed,
Darius B.