No-Risk, No Reward

An unavoidable aspect of life that we all must deal with is that there is no certainty of how things will be in the future. Even with taking significant measures to secure and sustain a life that’s comfortable within different areas, there is still no concrete assurance that things will turn out positively. One prominent example I feel we see this happen a lot with is college.  Accompanied to seeing things work out well for some of who we know, we’ve seen people go to college for years and unfortunately faces the following realities: 

  • 1.) They work in positions where that has nothing to do with their major,
  • 2.) They get paid way less than they thought they would get with their degree
  •  3.) In a place where they put their true passions on hold due to the fear of it not necessarily being able to support them financially for the future. 

It’s because of this unfortunate but inescapable reality that causes some to have severe anxiety, finding hardship in obtaining peace within their present lives or the faith to move forward beyond where they are. Yet having this understanding, the truth remains that we can only receive what we desire to have if we’re willing to take that risk to go after it. 

It may sound crazy, but a life without taking risks is a life not lived. For most decisions, we make lies an element of risk somewhere within it. With love, there’s the risk of getting heartbroken. With jobs, there’s the risk of getting fired or being turned down and dealing with the disappointment of having our expectations unfulfilled. With traveling to beautiful places within the world, particularly by plane, there’s the risk of things malfunctioning in the air, and the list honestly can go on and on. The bottom line is this…

In front of most, if not, all great opportunities are risks of some kind we must face in obtaining it. If we remain where we are, then all we will ever get is what we already have. Yet once or if we find the courage to face whatever those risks are, then we can enjoy the reward of it on the other side…

No Risk…No Reward.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out” –  -James B. Conant

Be Blessed, 
– Darius B.