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LOU$TAR! Get familiar with the name because he’s gonna be all over your speakers! Lou$tar has been deeply rooted in Hip Hop since birth. He’s reigning from Brooklyn, New York, the son of the legendary Bowlegged Lou from Full Force. Lou$tar’s love for music comes naturally.

Lou$tar was exposed to not only the great acts within Full Force but to all of our favorite legends throughout the industry who’ve paved the way. Lou$tar was able to gain access to many exclusive performances from hip hop legends due to his family notoriety such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Slick Rick, and Big Daddy Kane just to name a few.

Lou$tar was inspired by all the greats around that he decided to follow the footsteps of the legends in his family. He’s had incredible opportunities such as sharing studio space with some heavy hitters such as Method Man, Raekwon, and Lil Kim. Even some fantastic pop legends such as The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and N’Sync. The list can go on and on.

Aside from collaborating with some heavy hitters, Lou$tar is in a lane of his own. Back in 2001, he created a rap group called Lou$tar and the HOODSTARS who later became known as “HOODSTARS” which included three male members which were Lou$tar himself and one female member who we all know as the lovely Nicki Minaj. However, they grinded hard doing showcases, endless nights in the studio under the Full Force production company for about four years. Even though the group meshed well together, they decided to try their hand at solo careers.

Now Lou$tar has been on the grind to secure his own place in Hip Hop history. Lou$tar is ready put his own flare on this new era of Hip Hop. Lou$tar musical talents are influenced by many diverse genres of music such as EDM, R&B, Pop, and of course Hip Hop. Lou$tar is an abstract artist with witty and intricate punch lines, we can’t forget the crazy flow that’s so effortlessly smooth that you can’t help but want more. Lou$tar is getting ready to release some fresh new music with a whole new sound, best described as New York Trap music with a Rock and Roll twist. Lou$tar’s latest single “Ridin Thru My City” which was produced by 12keyz and Reefa Music and this new single embodies that New York Trap music. Stay Tuned because Lou$tar has some dope creative pieces coming real soon! Keep ya ears open!

Check out Lou$tar’s latest single below:

Ridin Thru My City is available on all streaming services !


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