My name is Darius Baskerville. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, moved with my mother to Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania at the age of seven and spent my formative years there. My journey begins at the age of seven until now at 25 years-old where it helped shape me into the individual I am today. Upon moving to Pennsylvania, my mother and I faced many financial difficulties including being homeless, hungry and hopeless. Eventually, we were able to secure a one-bedroom efficiency motel room and although it was not the goal, we lived there for 13 years.

Throughout these hard times, we persevered. I can say that my mother has been and still is my inspiration. Her faith and dedication to God and me have influenced who I am and how I operate today. Mom always remained positive and never allowed our circumstances, misfortune or difficulties to get the best of us. The example she set by giving to others in need even with her limited resources, continually praying for people who were facing trials and tribulations as she was going through her own and always maintaining her faith in God will always resonate with me. My mother made sure where we were living was not the place where we remained. Eventually, we were able to leave that motel room with broken-down furnishings and move into a three-bedroom condominium, fully-furnished with space to spare.

These experiences are what ignited my passion to help uplift and motivate the lives of others in some way, as instilled by my mother throughout my life. My passion to help motivate and serve others has resulted in me obtaining an associate’s degree in Human Services and has led me to serve as a minister in the church my mother pastors today. I am currently enrolled in college to meet the requirements to become a substance abuse counselor. I am truly grateful for my journey and know that it has made me a stronger individual and enabled me to fulfill my purpose and live my truth now and in the future. My sincere desire is to share positive information that will motivate and uplift anyone willing to listen.


Darius B.

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