Fall: The Beauty of Change

After experiencing the cookouts, trips to the beach, the sensational sunshine and the other wonderful things that summer is known for, the progression of time soon concludes the season of summer. It’s then we slowly move forward to officially embark a new season which many eagerly awaits to arrive to partake in the different pleasures it brings each year it comes around, and this season, of course, is Fall.

During this time, we enjoy activities such as going on hayrides, drinking cold apple cider, finally seeing pumpkin spice lattes on menus of different restaurants, picking the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween, attending haunted houses, preparing for family to enjoy a huge meal on Thanksgiving and the list goes on. It’s also in this season that nature showcases a beautiful array of warm colors that not only serves as the picturesque backdrop for many fall activities to be enjoyed but also illustrates a lesson about life to be learned: Change can be a beautiful thing.

The source of these stunning, breathtaking colors which Fall is known for are the leaves, which changes color due to a shift in the amount of sunlight they receive and modifications within the temperature. These leaves turn based on an environment they have no control over and much like the lives we live, we deal with the reality that change is something which can’t always be controlled.There will be a point where things within our lives and even ourselves won’t be how they are presently, but it doesn’t mean that the changes which will occur should be something feared, avoided or deemed as a bad thing. We’re going to get older, the positions we have on our job may not be as permanent as we think, people who are within our lives now aren’t guaranteed to be with us always, and even things we have now aren’t void of an expiration date at some time.


The bottom line is that change is something we all must deal with in our lives, yet as with the beautiful leaves in Fall, our perspective of it determines whether our life changes are masterpieces to be enjoyed or melancholy moments to be endured…



– Stay Blessed

Darius B.


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