Tips for Natural Hair During The Winter Months

Winter Time has fallen amongst us! This time of year we have to take extra care of our natural hair because around this time we tend to suffer from dry and brittle hair.

1. Wear A Silk Scarf or Bonnet


Protecting your hair at night is very important. Primarily during the winter months because of heat in the air at night. Also, if you have cotton pillowcases it can cause breakage.

2. Protect Your Ends

Hide those ends because they are the most sensitive. If you can try doing buns and updos my favorite protective style are braid outs and twist outs. Tucking those ends away are the best results for the ultimate protection during the winter months.

3. Trim Your Ends

The winter air can result in you having dry and brittle hair, and your ends start to suffer. Stay on top of trimming any split ends you may have.

4. Deep Conditioners Are Lifesavers

Hair Treatments and Hair Masques are your best investments. Hydrating masques are plus for the winter time. If you need an intense hair treatment, my favorite go-to is Aphogee Products.

5. Massage Your Scalp

My scalp during the winter months is by far the most annoying thing to deal with so invest in good hair oils. I use SayBlee “Lime Nourishing Oil” or Jamaican Castor Oil. These oils help relieve the itchiness and dryness for me.

6. How’s Your Diet?

Believe it or not, how you can affect your hair growth and just the healthiness of your hair in general. Make sure you are staying hydrated and eating healthy food that will nourish your body.


Good Luck to all my Naturalistas this winter! May your hair flourish to its full potential!