The future: A Canvas Awaiting Creation

Take a look at the picture up top .

Imagine this page being in front of you, along with some art supplies and one simple instruction…Only you can use the paper.The things you can do and create with this blank piece of paper are LIMITLESS, yet what determines what it becomes is dependent upon your choice and the commitment to seeing it transform into what you desire for it to be.


This is how your future is presented to you…


The art supplies you have at your disposal are your experiences and the resources available to learn and apply new things to your life. As with the paper, it’s free and clear of any kind of markings or borders, meaning you’re not forced to stay within any kind of structure when it comes to creating and molding it into what you desire for it to be. Yet there’s one rule you must abide by that can’t be changed or adjusted…only YOU can use it. You can’t depend on anyone else to make your future into what you desire for it to be. Though life will have moments where unexpected challenges arise, the responsibility for the fate of our future is still up to you.


Don’t allow things like excuses, procrastination, laziness, or lack of effort to cause your