Keep The Same Energy

First, let me start off by saying WELCOME BACK UNCOVERED CULTURE!!! Our team is now back in full effect and ready to do some big things with the magazine. Promise the wait will be worthwhile.

I was doing some brainstorming about what to write and, I gained some inspiration through a quote that happens to be a fav of Uncovered Culture creator, Sierra Von.


“To who much is given, much is required…”


After fighting and working diligently to gain something we desire to have, there’s a feeling of relief and satisfaction that comes over us when we’re finally able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Whether it’s driving the new car we worked hard to have, residing in the home we built our credit up to live in, enjoying the relationship/marriage we prayed for YEARS to be in, opening the business we dreamed of opening, or graduating with the degree that was the result of constant papers being written and wondering if it’s worth the stress in gaining, it’s an awesome feeling to have what we worked for in some way.

It’s usually after successfully having what we worked for that some, if not, many of us become relaxed, resting on the thought that we can finally take a break from the work it took to gain what we received. It’s this action that can lead to us losing what it took so long for us to have.

The reality is that having great things requires a great work ethic to not only obtain it, but also a great work ethic to keep and maintain it. Becoming lackadaisical in our actions towards whatever that thing is will be the result of why it doesn’t remain within our lives or the way it once was as time passes by.

All in all, even after possessing what you worked hard to have, keep the same energy and focus in preserving it so that it may last. For when much is given, much is most surely needed to continue having it.


Stay Blessed,
– Darius B.