Beauty Secret : Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Benefits of using Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask





1. Clay helps control the overproduction of sebum

Overproduction of sebum is caused by too much oil on the skin, abnormal shedding of dead skin cells and excess bacteria. However, this is what typically causes acne. If you are prone to outbreaks it can because of medications, producing to much natural oil also known as sebum, and having a family history of acne. Oily skin with too much sebum encourages the production of bacteria which irritates the skin.

2. Clay draws out the toxins from the skin
Bentonite Clay is powerful when it comes in contact with toxins such as heavy metal, chemicals, or other impurities. The clay soaks up all the toxins and releases minerals that are good for the body to use. Bentonite Clay helps with allowing room for oxygen, circulation, and overall skin tone and health.

3. Clay unclogs the skin pores and shrinks them

Now, this has to be my favorite because I have huge pores. Whether you have oily skin or not, your pores can just naturally become clogged at some point especially if you wear makeup. However, shrinking the size of your pores can help tremendously with keeping your face clean. Applying this mask with a little water and apple cider vinegar does fantastic things. You will feel your face get tight and a slight tingle, but that’s just the clay working its magic. Repeat this cycle about twice a week, and you’ll see a difference in your skin and pores.

4. Clay helps reduce the appearance of scars
If you are someone like me who struggles with acne, not only do you have to deal with the acne bumps but scars come along with it. The use of the clay will help, and it’s a great home remedy. As I stated above, the clay reduces the pores and removes toxins. Also, the clay helps the skin to heal and reduces inflammation. The clay helps in the lightening of acne marks on the face and get rid of scar tissues.

5. Clay makes skin softer
Bentonite Clay is filled with silica, minerals that help strengthen connective tissues such as muscles, tendons, cartilage, and more. However, it makes your skin incredibly soft. You can thank the earth’s mineral silica for that great benefit. Using the bentonite clay will give you nothing but great skin.

6. It is safe for all skin types, and it will give you a natural glow

I recommend using this mask at least twice a week or as needed. You will send a huge difference in your skin. Especially, if you suffer from acne. Aztec Clay Mask is a home remedy that will change your life for the better.


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