Capital Crepe Taking Crepes To A Whole New Level

WARNING TRIGGERS: suffer from a terrible sweet tooth, food junkie, love sweets so much, and women (you know).

capital crepe

Well, a few weekends ago I went to this placed called Capital Crepe. I want to tell you I love Crepes but this place is next level. Capital Crepe serves sweet and savory crepes. I will show a picture of the menu so that you can see the different flavors. But let me tell you, I have the apple pie flavored crepe and it was literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted and no exaggeration here folks, I’m dead serious. The crepe seriously tasted like an apple pie your grandma or mother makes on special holidays. I’m sucka for pies. Also, Capital Crepe allows you to add ice cream for like a buck more.


If you are a fan of Bubble Tea, they also have Kung Fu Tea connected to them. It’s pretty

crepe menu

much the best of both worlds. The Bubble Tea has different flavors, and each of them has tapioca balls at the bottom. I recently became a fan of this drink, and now I’m kind of addicted. However, enough of me rambling, get into these pictures of their excellent food.


Capital Crepe

1949 Lynnhaven Pkwy
Ste 1560
Virginia Beach, VA 23453



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