UK Artist Jvck James Has Us Catching A “Wave” With Newest Single

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Let’s say unCovered Culture has been following Jvck James for some time now. He started out doing YouTube video covers and let’s say he blew the world away with his amazing vocal ability. We are just happy to see that he’s out here still making his dreams come true. Jvck James recently just finished touring with singer Mahalia and soon after he released this single Wave.

While James has released many singles, this recent one has captured our attention. The song Wave is about expressing how you feel towards someone and getting lost in that moment, and we’ve all been there before. It is one thing we can appreciate about his artistry and songwriting. He sings about relatable situations, and his voice happens to be the complete bonus to it all.

The track definitely gives you an old school and laid back feel. While Jvck James effortlessly sings “I just wanna know can I take it slow.” Let’s not forget those sultry melodies he gives us, at just 20 years old James is making a name for himself in this industry. He is giving us classic R&B and timeless music with authentic vocal and talents. We are definitely in full support of his career. Keep making good music


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