Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Jade Roller

1: Relieves facial muscles & makes your beauty products worth your buck!

Our facial muscles can have a lot of tension & this one way to give yourself and face muscles a relief. Jade roller is also amazing for preventing wrinkles.
Then you can prevent common flair ups that can tend to cause headaches. As far as product use, this helps the product penetrate your skin better with whatever product you use just overall helping it absorb better into your skin.

how to use jade roller (google images)

2. Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage

The jade roller stimulates the lymphatic system and drainage throughout your face. However, the jade roller massaging the lymphatic system helps with release pathogens and helps with reduction of swelling and helps bodily fluids get moving in the right direction, who wouldn’t want to get those toxins out

how to use jade roller (google images)

3. Prevents fluid retention & helps reduce puffy under eyes

The jade roller is typically cool to the touch, and some people make it even cooler but leaving their jade roller in the fridge before using it. The cooling sensation from the jade roller can be soothing to the skin. It has been said that this can help reduce the redness and puffiness of ones face.

Just a few reasons we believe you should add this to your beauty routine. Check out the video below

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