Bruja Emilia Ortiz ​: Creative Mental Health Advocate, Spiritual Advisor, and Motivational Speaker

We live in a day and age where social media has deteriorated our minds to think less of ourselves. I am not saying that it does this to everyone but people who suffer from mental health, anxiety, and depression. Social Media sometimes is not the greatest outlet. However, when you come across people on social media like Emilia Ortiz it makes you feel a whole lot better.

Emilia Ortiz is Brooklyn native and most people know her from Instagram from her motivational videos and her incites on spirituality. However, she’s always shined a light on mental health awareness. We wanted to showcase her on unCovered Culture because it is Mental Health Awareness Month and people all over the world suffer from Mental Health and don’t have anyone to look up to or feel like they can relate too.

Emilia is very relatable and makes you feel comfortable with being who you are. She is also a supporter of cannabis and just being self-aware. She has stated numerous times that cannabis is a protective and healing plant for her. In an interview with InkedMag, she stated “Cannabis helps with my mental health, energetic sensitivities, and physical symptoms that occur, such as chronic nausea, lack of appetite, body aches, and insomnia. While I have a high tolerance for pain and choose this process, sometimes I experience irritability due to the repeated sounds and movements, which can interfere with my ability to process it all”.

Emilia’s spirituality and her boldness of just being herself have inspired everyone across the world. The Instagram videos of her shedding light on getting through anxiety and her #30secondtherapy videos for PAPER magazine. We love that she is bringing healing to the internet and making it the new normal. Ortiz brings a whole new meaning to self-care, healing, and loving yourself. We can appreciate that she’s authentic and has amazing energy. Emilia opens up about being an empath and the importance of protecting your space, your energy and your time. She is someone who you can really learn a lot from and heal through her amazing words she shares all over the internet. If you aren’t following her on Instagram then I suggest you get to doing so.

sierra von