Sometimes You Have To Go Off The Grid …

In the light of Mental Health Awareness, I wanted to talk about how social media can affect your mental health. Social media is mainly all about glitz and glamour. Everyone on social media seems like their life is fantastic, and everyone has it all together.

If you are ever starting feel like social media is taking a toll on your emotions, then it is time for you to take a break. When you begin to compare your body, your creativeness, and your personality to someone else, it is unhealthy. We have to remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and we all bloom at our own pace.

Social Media can make you feel like life is a competition, and it’s not. No one is posting their failures unless they are transparent people. If you are starting to compare yourself to the people you follow, then it is time you take a step back and be more present. I’ve learned that when I take a break from posting and scrolling I’m more present and I don’t feel so much pressure to be doing the same thing everyone else is doing or feeling like I am less than the next person.

The best thing you can do is change who you follow, take breaks, and find other ways to occupy your time. I’ve noticed that getting some fresh air or going for a walk brings some kind of balance to the mind. Also, following people who are positive, relatable, and good for your mental health. I am not saying that social media is all bad, but I am saying that it can affect you mentally if you are not aware of what and who you are following.

Going off the grid and being in the moment is essential. The apps could malfunction or not exist at anytime or moment. It is important not to put your worth into a selfie and how many likes it gets. Just remember life is a marathon, and you finish when you finish and don’t focus on those around you. If you have never done a social media detox see how well you feel once you’ve done it.

sierra von