Pitch Slapped : Masters of Perfect Pitch and A cappella Music

This article is strictly for my lovers of all things music. I have recently come across this outstanding A cappella group from Berklee College of Music named Pitch Slapped which was founded by Cate Wright back in 2006. Their music repertoire goes from a wide range of genres from Pop, R&B, and Rock. I mean the vocal ability is insane, the harmonies, melodies are to perfection.

via website www.pitchslappedoffical.com

They have recently released an album on May 31st, 2019 called Sincerely. They put their spin on some of our favorite tunes from our favorite artist in the industry. My favorite song on the album is their cover to the infamous R&B singer/songwriter H.E.R which is her song “Could’ve Been” & can’t forget their cover to the great Beyonce’s Deja Vu.

via website www.pitchslappedofficial.com

I am utterly stunned by their vocal ability, and nothing but greats come from Berklee College of Music. This group has mastered their sound and may I add they are quite untouchable right now. I am going to let their music speak for itself so check them out below.

sierra von