Tracee Ellis Ross Stars As Jodie & Executive Produce 90’s MTV Series “Daria”

If you’re a 90’s baby, then you are probably screaming on the inside about MTV bringing back the best show from our era, which is “Daria.” The Emmy-nominated actress Tracee Ellis Ross will executive produce and voice the first black female lead in going on 20 years on an adult animated series. First, can we clap it up for Tracee because this is a big deal and great opportunity for her.

Jodie from Daria

The show will be a spin-off, and it will be redeveloped as Jodie with Tracee Ellis Ross is the voice. According to Ross, she is thrilled and is ready to take on topics such as feminism, gentrification, sex, and call-out culture.

Jodie and Daria

This series will definitely be something for the culture to appreciate and get excited about because we will get a fresh voice and have a severe case of black girl magic being displayed within the series. Shout out to MTV for giving the culture something to be excited about, and now we are just anticipating the release of this amazing series.

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