Baby Phat x Forever 21

Baby Phat is back like it never left! Last week, June 13th, Kimora Lee relaunched her popular urban-wear brand Baby Phat in collaboration with Forever 21. The collection did a slight rebrand to give the products a more modern look while still keeping the same early 2000’s flavor but don’t worry all pieces have the signature cat. I personally remember wearing my baby pink rhinestone tee back in middle school. Honestly there is no better time than now for Baby Phat to make a grand reentrance with all the ongoing love for all things from the 99 & 2000s this just added to the nostalgia.  

There have been many opinions about the collection a lot of people were underwhelmed or they were expecting more. But is it too early to judge the Baby Phat relaunch off one capsule collection? Obviously, this is just the summer collection and I think its safe to be hopeful that they are still working up somethings for us. Baby Phat was known for big fur coats, denim dresses, velour tracksuits, and chained belts so I’m excited to see what more they have in store. The Forever 21 capsule is available online and in some stores. All pieces are priced for under $25, and the sizes range from S to 3x!

Click the link below and check out the full collection below and tell us what you think!