Damaged, but not destroyed: The Value of Fixing Broken Relationships


Around the ending of last year, I had something quite horrific happen to me and my bank account. I was doing some work at the dining room table, which is normal of me to do, while enjoying a nice cup of homemade hazelnut coffee (My favorite). I left my drink next to my laptop and in the midst of my grandmother cleaning, she accidentally knocked it over…take a wild guess where coffee went?…Yes…coffee spilled directly into my Apple computer, causing it shut down completely. I immediately rushed it to where I got it from while remembering I didn’t buy AppleCare because I thought I wouldn’t be stupid enough to do something like place coffee next to an expensive computer. Once I got there, they informed me that the logic board was fried and needed to be replaced. When they told me the price, my bank account and I both felt that this would be the end of me having this computer, though it had served me well over the years. The idea of getting a new computer would be simpler and less expensive if I went that way, but I made a choice that’s often not followed within some dynamics that are broken or severely damaged today, which was to fix it.

We’re in a time now where people are VERY quick to cut others from their lives and the idea of working things out when problems arise is not chosen as much as it should be. Personally, I believe one of the reasons this happens so often is due to the ease of it. Whenever someone works to fix a severely damaged relationship, where it be platonic, romantic, or even with family, there is a possibility where things may not get better. It is the feeling of having out time be wasted on dynamics or people that will not change that many of try to avoid and as a result, we remove those who have caused offense because in doing so, we know that they do not have the opportunity to do it again. Yet the risk we take in is applying these methods is that due to it being true that some offense are misunderstandings, we end up losing great people, all to avoid being hurt or dissappointed.

Now this is not to say that every dynamic is worth fixing when damaged, but all which are damaged are not worth destroying and just walking away from completely. It may take some time, but there are some people and what is shared with them that’s worth the work in making right again…