Canadian Singer Devaney Leslie Releases New Single “Take Care”

Songstress/Songwriter Devaney Leslie is reigning from Canada. She is one artist we need to keep our eyes peeled for, and people don’t sleep on her. She is giving us the early 2000s R&B era and what R&B enthusiast wouldn’t love that. Devaney does have a little island sound intertwined within her music, but that’s what makes her more enticing to listen to and I’m here for it.

Devaney Leslie

Back in May, Devaney released her single called “Tell Me.” Of course, she released a dope visual to go along with it as well. The song speaks on her wanting honesty and wanting some understanding within their relationship.

Recently, she released another song called “Take Care.” Yes, she has given us another hit with her sultry vocals caressing the beat. The title of the song is pretty self-explanatory. Devaney expresses how she loves how her man takes care of her, and let’s be honest here; what girl doesn’t like to be taken of, and she expresses this so softly, and the r and b flare she gives us makes it even better.

Check her out below:

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