Euphoria : The Show That Is More Relatable Than Most.

Zendaya as Rue

Euphoria drama series showcase on June 16th, 2019. The show has already been renewed for another season, and we couldn’t be happier. The creator Sam Levinson took his time picking the characters for the series. We were blessed to have eight episodes full of raw scenes, drugs, mental illness, and drama.


Zendaya played the main character, who was named Rue. The character Rue was the perfect role for Zendaya, and we were able to see her in a different light. The role played was something we aren’t used to seeing for Zendaya, but she executed everything so perfectly. Also, Hunter Schafer who played as Jules. Jules was also another character within this series. Schafer had an amazing part within the show, and she played as Rue’s best friend, but there was also a little love interest as well.

Rue and Jules : Euphoria HBO

Honestly, each character in the show had their storyline, and each person had a lifestyle that was realistic and relatable. Euphoria is the type of show that has triggers to different emotional traumas that people deal with on the daily. The show sheds light on multiple emotions we deal with in our personal time, and then we have the drug/relationship abuse, and more.

We appreciate the empathic approach with all of the stories of the characters. We love that the show wasn’t too fabricated with the ordinary things we see on television. The show is unique, and we appreciate the back story behind this show. Levinson told us his story, and we love the transparency and the emotion he put behind Euphoria. He honestly didn’t leave anyone out in the show, and we say that because someone can relate to at least one thing that was shown in each episode. unCovered Culture approves!

We are looking forward to season 2 of Euphoria.

Season 1 Trailer : Euphoria

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