Do You Hate Working Out?

Working out can feel like such a task sometimes. The hardest part about working out is actually getting up to do the workout. Also, some of us live hectic lives and feel like we don’t have time to work out. I don’t even want to hear the excuse of not having a gym membership either. We make time for what we want, and if we care anything about our health, then we will make time to workout and eat healthier.

I love short workouts that work you hard. I don’t like to exercise all day long, and it feels like a chore. There are smooth 30 minute workouts that you can either get from Youtube or even some workout apps from your phone. However, I have YouTube and also have T25. These workouts are usually 30 minutes max, and they go by pretty fast. The exercises may be short, but you worked hard and had a good sweat.

I think it’s crucial to be active and move your body. Just make sure you are moving your body and burning some calories even if you decide to go dancing, walking, or even just a slight jog. Just move your body, and also if you struggle with mental health like myself, then just moving around and sweating out those bad thoughts about yourself feels refreshing.

I am going to leave a cool workout video for you all to do to get your body moving and feeling good.

sierra von