Letters From Sierra Von: Set Boundaries.. Respect Will Come Soon After

We often talk about wanting respect from other people in our lives. We teach people how to treat us, and I often feel like if you let someone off with disrespecting you or crossing a boundary, they will do it again. I am one of those non-confrontational people. I would usually do anything to avoid confrontation and avoid dealing with people. However, this isn’t a good way to handle coping with issues of lack of respect.

Setting boundaries is vital for growth and also gaining respect from those around you. Now that I am in therapy, my therapist made it clear that people in my life lack respect for my opinions and thoughts. I’ve allowed people to do whatever due to my lack of being vocal about how I feel.

We have to learn to create boundaries of things we will not tolerate. It is perfectly okay to tell someone no about anything you’re not comfortable with or doesn’t go with what you believe in. Once you start speaking up about what you don’t like it will throw people off guard. They will often take offense and gaslight you.

We can’t let the behaviors of others take our boundaries down because they want us to stoop to their level. We have to be firm in how we feel. Speak up because it is suitable for your mental health. Speak up because it will help you understand who you are entirely. Especially if you are like me where you have spent most of your life allowing others to speak on your behalf.

I think this is just me becoming the woman I am supposed to be. I am starting to think for myself and see the bigger picture. People will only treat you how you allow them to treat you. Speaking your truth is conducive to your mental health even if your voice trembles a little. Set healthy boundaries with everyone in your life. I am just now getting the hang of setting boundaries, but it is never too late to correct traits about yourself.

sierra von