3 Ways To Be A Great Collaborator

The music world is all about collaborating and coming up with hits for other artists or even yourself. However, sometimes, collaborating isn’t always easy, and everyone works differently, so I decided to come up with some ways to be a great collaborator.


Arrive at the session on time and be prepared with any ideas you’ve compiled overtime before the session.

Take care of your business (please), which means ownerships and song splits need to be communicated because it will save you the legal trouble.

  1. Be A Good Listener 

Songwriting brings on powerful feelings within our audiences. We need to listen to what the artist wants and understand their feelings. Make sure you being an active listener, so whatever song you are writing can be authentic. 

2. Get To Know Your Co-Writer 

I think it’s essential for a meeting of some sort is set up with songwriters and artists. Some writers need emotional connections with the artist to create a better flow of the direction of music. 

Encourage communication within your writing sessions, and find ways to break the ice by talking over a small meal or sharing things that are happening in your life. 

3. Check Attitudes & Egos

There’s going to be people who work differently than you or may have more credentials and possibly have some award-winning grammy songs. However, that doesn’t take away what you bring to the table. You are all apart of the project because someone saw the unique talent you have and wanted to create with you.

I hope these tips were helpful and happy collaboration.

sierra von