God Loves You!

God Loves You

I am God who loves you in all stages
I am God who loves throughout the ages
From generation to generation
I hold the nations
And have set my affections on you.

Through battles and life’s storms
I am far above the norm.
I am Spirit and Truth
And knew you before your mother as a youth

I behold your pain
And to know Me is gain
Through joy and trials
I will sustain— you!

In every area I have known you.
Oh, My love remains
For you to know Me is gain.

Turn your leaves to my Son through him
The battle is won!

Put your trust in Me
For I open the eyes of the blind and cause them to see.

Only let your faith remain in Me and you shall see.
My eyes are in every place
But in Me alone you shall win the race.
Invite Me in your space for My love is a chase.

I love you more than you could know…
All of you from your crown to your toes!
Before your mother’s womb and beyond the tomb.
I am in your now
And before your soon.
I am not the sun, nor the stars nor the moon.

I am God and I have always loved you!

By Hazel Kersellius © October 17, 2019

Hazel Kersellius