Acknowledge Me…

When you’re in a room with friends
Do you say their name and converse until the conversation ends?
Do you call and talk about it all
Take advice and speak on all that’s wrong;
Or offensive; to everything that’s beautiful and nice?
And speak on what you reaped and the price?
Does it ever occur to you if you were ignored,
That it would be abhorred?
To not be heard or seen,
To be overlooked would be quite obscene.
How do you think I feel?

I hear your conversations and feel what you feel,
But I’m not acknowledged though I appeal—
to your spirit!
And I’m more real than what you feel.
Take a look at your heart
It ticks and clicks . . .
I knew you before you were aware
Yes, I really do care.

I am the One who made it and started it.
Would it hurt you to say Lord I thank you,
I see you, I love you,
And to thank Me for your day,
Come what may?

I am in every life scene and phase
And all I want is your worship and praise,
To speak to me this day
I always hear you when you pray.
Acknowledge Me and let Me in . . .
I’ve made provision to absolve you from sin.
Every battle with My Son is a win!

I hear your cry and sigh.
If you would only let Me come nigh
And see Me in the midst and you not deny—
It’s time to see Me in the Spirit
Who is love and who loves madly.
It doesn’t have to end badly.
If you’d only receive my love and not turn away, but hear it.
I’m drawing you by my Spirit.

I see you behind the make-up and posed face
I’ll fill the voids, the ones you run to fill with
Things like lucre and the array of things you chase;
Like a long lost love;
But I am the One that will heal your space
And soul.
I am Father, I have come with my Son and Holy Ghost to make you whole.

Acknowledge Me and put Me first
And all will follow.
I am the source that fills your bag or designer purse.
It’s not such a bitter pill to swallow.
This is deep calling unto deep, step out from the shallow.

Acknowledge Me and you will see
How completely and madly I love and know and see thee!
I’ll welcome you with open arms
And hush and silence the enemies’ alarms.
I see you in your room and walking down the street.
I know your name, it’s not too late
I want to plant your seed, water and tower your tree.
Look up and in and acknowledge Me.

Hello my daughter. Hello my son.
In the cool of the day… Hello?
Tell Me, how are you?
I know from whence you came
I want you to know Me just the same.
My Son bore your sin;
And through My Word you’ll truly live;
And have power when you pray.
Through my Son for your cause I came.
For the bad I’m not to blame.
I celebrate your victories
And see you through trials
And heal your pain in Jesus name.

I know and have good plans for your journey
If you’d only acknowledge Me.
I’m akin to your sails, open sky and waters for your ship.
I desire unending sunsets and dawning devoted oceans of a true love relationship.

By Hazel Kersellius ©October 31, 2019

Hazel Kersellius