The Title of Your Eternal Song

It’s not the time that holds you back,
It’s your songs you sing of lack.
It’s your mind that’s under attack.

Focus on prospering in your life, health and soul accounts.
It’s what you speak that will bring it about.
Speak words of life that gives birth to your future.
It’s not all about the lucre,
But the time in how you use it.
Everyone is given the same, don’t abuse it.
You will be given an account for how you use what you have.
It will be settled. You control that it doesn’t go bad.

You have a voice. It’s your choice
Make the best of your time.
Seek your Creator soon down the line.
Now is the time to pour your life like oil,
Blessed and not soiled.
Live your best in His will
Hush the noise in His presence.
Peace be still…

Records are kept of right and wrong,
But your life in Christ alone will count for your eternal song.
Records are kept of right and wrong,
But you are covered under grace in Christ alone.

Time is of the essence…
It does matter how it’s spent.
Don’t let it be something you regret.
Plan for today and tomorrow.
Don’t let life after death be something you ponder;
That you wish you thought of before you drown in sorrow.

There is a time for every season
And to think of today and tomorrow is good with reason.
The after life is where real life is,
So secure your salvation. Prepare the lot where your soul lives.

You can plan, run and hide from loss and sorrow,
But the promise of life here is not promised to you tomorrow.

Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow,
They peak their blooming towards the sun.
And at the end they fade passing on.
Seek your Author and Finisher for the title of your song.

How you sing is one thing…
And how you’re remembered is another,
But to rein with Christ will last forever.

Seek the Truth, the Life and the Way
Don’t perish for lack of knowledge today.
Know the Word, have relationship with the King, be Holy Spirit led.
God is God and life in Jesus Christ is everything!

By Hazel Kersellius ©January 27, 2020

Hazel Kersellius