dusk, landscape, sky, sunset, sunlight, summer


The winds of change have changed and shifted the perspective of life
And the reality that “Life is fragile, handle with prayer.”

Life is as delicate as the rose
And if handled wrong will pierce your flesh or soul.
So behold your view.
Now because the foot is in the shoe
Even the homeless can relate to you…

“Don’t touch me…”;
“Stay away! Don’t let your sneeze or disease come my way!…”
Don’t feed me false hope with no food and just pray,
But show your love and compassion
And bless the need with care and compassion,
Not just racing to the store to fill your cupboards with food you must ration.

Is there a famine for love in demonstration and compassion?
Are there any prayer warriors that will come to bat against fear,
Care for the infected and those who can’t even afford to ration,
But who are counting on your compassion?

Can you boldly lift your voice to the throne of God,
Who has unwavering faith?
Someone needs to believe and see the hand of God,
For many, their belief is void or lightweight.

Don’t run now, hold tightly to your faith
Satan is going for the kill! He’s going for the jugular,
But the true and living God is far greater!

Band in prayer. Use wisdom and take precautions and with care,
But do know you were not given the spirit of fear!

But of power, love and a sound mind!
Folks, come back to the Father.
He loves you and now is always a good time.

I may love to rhyme like a fool,
But God’s love to spread what He just gave me to share with you,
Is far greater than cool.

Love God and put Him first.
And love others the way you love yourself is the golden rule.

Don’t run now! Stir up everything God placed in you.
This atmosphere may be a surprise to you,
But not to God.

Stand in your faith, His Word, His promises
And put on the whole armor of God.
From your helmet of salvation
To your feet with the preparation of the gospel of truth be shod.

This is not the time to deny Jesus or the cross.
God can use a pandemic, turn it around, still protect, heal,
Provide, calm your fears and keep you
And show the enemy who really is Boss!
God will use even this to reach the lost.

Does He have your attention now?

What Jesus did on the cross was powerful
And the power of his shed blood was never lost.

He rose and shall return again.
He’s married to the backslider, Drawing new souls
And to the believer, He still calls you friend.

God wants to hear from you,
Even if it’s been a long time or even if He never has.
Just know without a shadow of a doubt
Though times will grow more perilous;
This too shall pass,
But God’s love, grace, and mercy for you and His Word never will!

Be encouraged, it will forever last!

By Hazel Kersellius inspired by the Holy Spirit
©March 15, 2020

Hazel Kersellius