This is a time of deep reflection and soul searching.
Going down uncharted territory
Depending on God’s next abundant blessings;
Relief from the pain of loss
And loved ones—who with their life paid the cost.

A time that money can’t save you,
But seeking the True & Living God who can;
Leaving a wonder in the minds of people to know God’s plan.

To walk by faith and not by sight is scary for ones who never have or have not lived it much,
But have heavily relied on serving mammon and a human touch.

God is still God here by their side
And has surely shaken man’s pride.
Trusting in chariots and money
Can’t bring you back and reaching to a living God may seem funny
But He’s the only One that can deliver,
The hardened hearts that man has quivered.

What to do in a time like this?
Pray and seek the Lord’s face.
He’s still God and is constantly rewarding faith—in your midst.
It will make you question, where were you to not serve a God like this?
Soon this virus will be dismissed.
Will you turn away from acknowledging your Creator,
With a cold dismissive kiss?
This is not the day or hour to replicate a 21st century Judas.

Be sincere in your heart from the start
My God is able to deliver you with a triumphant shout.
By the blood of the Lamb and the word of
Your testimony— you will declare how God brought you out.

Though there are many loved ones lost,
It doesn’t diminish the resurrection power of the cross.
You are still here in the land of the living.
God is still God and He is not done giving, healing and restoring.

He will line you up with His good plans.
Humble yourself. Repent. Pray.
He is able to heal your land.

The just shall live by faith.
There’s still time to receive Jesus Christ.
Now is a good time before it’s too late.

Times have surely changed.
There’s a new system coming in place.
But do know the just shall live by faith.
Do not take on marks I have not ordained for you.
Stay in faith the enemy is on the loose.

Stand strong without waiver on my Word-
Strengthen your brethren.
These words are not to be ignored.
My relationship with you, I desire; this I implore.
And as a body of Christ stand on one accord.

I’m coming to find you without spot or wrinkle.
I shall appear as a star, with the brightest illuminating twinkle.

Come to me with a sincere heart
And I will expunge the enemy’s fiery darts.
So stand strong. In you, lives the One that’s greater.
We are One; bring everything to me in prayer.

The Sovereign God is the Lover of your soul, not the universe.
At anytime He can override its trajectory and course.

God is your Father and Creator
Bind the works of the enemy, bind the soothsayer.
Serve the only One True Living God who indeed is far greater.
I am a triune God, Lord, King and Savior.

By Hazel Kersellius © March 28, 2020

The Good News Anchor

Hazel Kersellius