How Are You?
This is a day for you…
How it plays may not be blue
It may be too to you.
How you respond is up to you.
The day unfolds—
Were you bold?
Did your friends leave? Were they cold?
These things I want to know…

How are you?
Are you happy sad or blue?
Have your emotions somehow betrayed you?
Is it plain the strain on your brain
that somehow finds ways to contain— you?
Please tell me again. How are you?
Are you feeling pain or somehow dismissed?
Do you miss days of carefree bliss?
How are your plans for tomorrow?
Are you in the midst battling sorrow?
You can lean on Me
For I Am the God that sees.
I will flourish your leaves
as long as you remain in Me.

I have come to send you relief,
To restore what’s lost from of the thief.
Lean your head and stream your tears of grief.
I have come to set the captives free.

How are you and your family?
I love you all so madly.
More than words can say
I just thought to ask you,
How was your day?
Did Johnny get to be with you and play?
I love you dearly come what may.
I came to interject your day
To see you and meet your needs
I know it’s hard. It makes my heart grieve
When you don’t see Me.

I am working things out
There’s safety in my clouds
Come and taste and see about
Your God
And what I am all about.
I promise an encounter with Me
That you need will indeed make you shout.
I can turn around the blues.
I’m giving you clues.
I’m starting with Me reaching out to you.

A relationship I pray with you will make my day.
I just want to say, I will fight for you all the way!
Don’t allow the despair lead you astray.
Know that Jesus is here this day.
He is the Life, the Truth and the Way.
Please my son and my daughter
How are you today?
I want to hear you say;
And you trust and give me your heart today.

By Hazel Kersellius © April 15, 2020

Led by the Holy Spirit

Hazel Kersellius