Greatness is not in what you possess,
But in a humble heart
That’s repentant and nothing less.
Doing what God called you to do
In a spirit of excellence!

Greatness is in your posture acknowledging Me.
It’s in your worship and praise
And in that I set you free.
In Spirit and in truth
Your worship breaks the roof;
And those that wait upon Me shall renew their youth.
It is in My truth that I come to you.
It’s in your ethic I commit to you.

Greatness starts in a seed.
It starts with you acknowledging Me.
As I give you great feats to achieve.
That everything is not in fame,
But in the tears you bleed behind the closed curtain window pane;
Behind the shut doors when you intercede;
With a prostrated heart that’s on bended knee.

Greatness is in you
Where lives the King of kings.
It’s all that you put into and
What I call forth for you to achieve.
It’s being patient in trials
Even when you can’t see.

Greatness is in My will
And going forth in it when you can’t keep still;
But wait up on your instructions when the flesh is killed.
And out of the ashes,
You arise into the skies
Of opportunity meeting destiny.
Because you waited on Me.
And held your post in humility
On bended knee in the hush of stormy seas.

Greatness is cultivated and comes
From built character and integrity
That can’t be bought.
When you allow God to take you through
The process and you’re willing to pay the cost.

It’s turning back to pull up a hand
To help others press forward;
Knowing in your heart when you look inward
God needs you to pay it forward.
For greatness is honored
When your legacy lives onward.

Greatness is in you.
For greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in the world.
In you let greatness arise.
To reverence God is wise;
And a contrite heart and spirit He won’t despise.

God is God.
The only God that lives.
All greatness comes from God.
For wisdom ask and God will freely give!

Led by the Holy Spirit

By Hazel Kersellius ©May 14, 2020

Hazel Kersellius