The breadth and depth of My love
Will never be contained in every ocean combined.
It won’t find enough fulfilled discoveries
Under the masses of every unturned ocean shell.
My love is stronger than the throw of Jupiter on Mars.
My love outnumbers the quantum physics of the stars.
My love runs miles and miles on unending race tracks
And never finishes the unique expressions of my heart towards you.
My love is not sad or blue, but my love is most true for you.
I keep thinking how it is outnumbered by all the grains of sand.
My love is sealed in My plan.

It charges you to excellence.
My love captures you with your time with Me in how it’s spent.
My love is liberal and has no boundaries,
But stops you from fully experiencing Me if you decide to turn away;
Though it does not stop Me from loving you.
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean blue.

My power to love all of you is separate from the sin that came in;
So I sent my only Begotten Son to help you win.
It’s your acceptance of Him that allows Me into your arms.
It’s more diamond faceted than all the precious stones
And luster of heaven’s host of stars.

My love will never leave you alone,
But your choice to have Me in your heart will tell Me.
If you turn from it, it’s worse than the hottest stone.
But I will never leave you nor forsake you.
You’re never alone.
Keep reaching after Me.
I will draw closer to thee.

Love is like water and air.
You’re touched by it and it makes your breathing so clear!
So don’t run any more from my love.
It’s prized higher than any idol that just won’t do.
Come closer; I’ve been waiting and wanting you!

Spend the time in my presence.
I promise you it will be the best investment
And time well spent.
So I will heal your broken heart.
I will draw you by my Spirit;
With the greatest love and tender kindness.
Remove the scales that caused you to turn
And give you spiritual blindness.
Be not tempted away with material bling.
Make Me first above everyone and everything!
Let My love heal and deliver you.
My Love, if you receive my Son, shows I have already forgiven you.

No longer turn away.
Come home my child.
I’m so close to your need.
Do not any longer stray.
Get to know Me day by day
And through My Word.

It’s you I love.
I’ve always loved you silently and out loud—
Expressively overboard.
Not more or less than the next.
My love is jealous for you.

It is what the North Star and moon is in your night;
To order your steps so you’re secure in your next.
It shines like the sun where you can see.
And you’ll never be left perplexed,
Because my love was there
Before your now and after your next.

My Spirit will fill you.
If you love Me, obey Me.
There are opportunities in every test.
And how I love is shown in how you’re abundantly blessed!

“The Breadth and Depth of My Love” By Hazel Kersellius ©June 30, 2020

Hazel Kersellius