The flowetry of poetry
Is the river that runs into the falls…
That runs to the valleys…
That escapes in lakes
But blushes with an indelible touch;
In powerful oceans.

Flowetry of poetry
Evaporates in atmospheric pressure,
Saturates clouds and pours like rain …
It fills my heart again and again.

Flowetry of poetry
Is inspired by great love, war, insight
And emotions from one’s core.
Obscured at times
Hidden like treasure…
Flows like rays of light
Without measure.
Fueled by inspiration
Brings about heavenly elation
Enough to cause wars
Rivaled between nations.

Love, religion, politics and war fueled in volumes
But the Word never gets old.
The most ever treasured Holy Bible
Current that rivals with World’s systems
No match for God’s Kingdom.

The flowetry of poetry
Reveals and conceals.
It’s a language unto its own
That appeals to
A select… 

The layman and the intellect,
The rich and the poor
Speaks peace and war.

It reaches many but some will still reject
But let my pen be found circumspect.
This style—
Watch out pen…
You’d write for miles and miles.
Hence the nature and grace of
Flowetry in poetry…
The love of rhyme,
And non rhyme and cadence
Keeps my pen in suspense.

Expressions of the pen
Of my heart scribes
Notes of adoration, worship
And love to the Father, Savior,
God and King.
Blessing His people
With love, provision,
Meeting needs,
Blessing desires
To the one who
Delights in Him.

The flow of my pen sings praises
And worship to Him for He blesses…
Trusting in Him the process
Like essays that
In this flowetry of poetry
Is a very good report.
Beckoning the Spirit
Of the Lord’s Grace
To continue to flow
Through my pen
With love that does not end.

This is just the beginning.
Patiently waiting…
Love is raining captured in oceans
Swallowed and engulfed
By the flowetry and poetry
Of God’s Grace, Love
And His presence
And however He chooses to bless.
God will ever have a bend on my pen
Source of my flowetry in my poetry
And the love He has on my pen.


By Hazel Kersellius © August 3, 2020

Hazel Kersellius