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Tyvan Releases His First EP Dioscuri: The Prelude

We came across TYVAN back in February. He released a freestyle, and we were immediately blown away by his talent. So, of course, we couldn’t resist reaching out to him and wanting to learn a little more about him. He recently released his first EP on July 17th which is called Dioscuri: The Prelude and […]Read More

Music Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the magic to making your voice or craft be heard and seen. It is vital to have a strategy in place when it comes to this world of music. Music marketing changes every year, and it is essential that you stay on top of these things to make sure you are connecting and […]Read More


The summer is here and because the heat is so crazy less is better. I know for myself that during the summer months, I try to cool it with heavy makeup because sweat and makeup don’t mix well. However, there are some pretty cool ways to achieve the no make up look by applying light […]Read More

Lena Waithe Premieres Trailer For Upcoming Film “Queen & Slim”

Chicago native screenwriter, producer, and actress Lena Waithe showcased her new upcoming film during the BET Awards last night. She has written and produced this film, but it is directed by the infamous woman named Melina Matsoukas who directed Beyonce’s Formation video and a few episodes of Issa Rae’s Insecure. The film is called Queen […]Read More

Tracee Ellis Ross Stars As Jodie & Executive Produce 90’s

If you’re a 90’s baby, then you are probably screaming on the inside about MTV bringing back the best show from our era, which is “Daria.” The Emmy-nominated actress Tracee Ellis Ross will executive produce and voice the first black female lead in going on 20 years on an adult animated series. First, can we […]Read More

Pitch Slapped : Masters of Perfect Pitch and A cappella

This article is strictly for my lovers of all things music. I have recently come across this outstanding A cappella group from Berklee College of Music named Pitch Slapped which was founded by Cate Wright back in 2006. Their music repertoire goes from a wide range of genres from Pop, R&B, and Rock. I mean […]Read More

Sometimes You Have To Go Off The Grid …

In the light of Mental Health Awareness, I wanted to talk about how social media can affect your mental health. Social media is mainly all about glitz and glamour. Everyone on social media seems like their life is fantastic, and everyone has it all together. If you are ever starting feel like social media is […]Read More

Meet Myra Smith : The Singer, The Experience, The New

Myra Smith is a full-on experience that you will never forget. You are immediately captivated and impacted by her words and stage presence. She can’t help but have your full undivided attention. Smith gives you the whole Myra Smith Experience. Myra’s love for performing ignited in August of 2009. The leader of the Fuzz Band […]Read More