I Choose Me…

Love…A word that I am sure brings about a flurry of emotions or thoughts about its meaning. When it comes to this strong but simply four letter word, I believe I would not be wrong in assuming that in some way we all have had some experiences connected to it that were either good, bad […]Read More

A Lesson from Our Loss…

January 26th, 2020 started out as a pretty normal day for me. I went into work to do an opening shift I did not feel like doing and the day was completely and absolutely slow, resulting in me bored and having barely any customer interaction. It was towards the ending of my shift I received […]Read More

Artist Spotlight: MVSS

Recently had the pleasure of speaking with up and coming artist named Mallay Kamara better known as MVSS. MVSS is a 26-year-old musician located in the in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. While talking with MVSS I instantly tuned in. He has created his own lane and is definitely bringing a movement and talent […]Read More

No-Risk, No Reward

An unavoidable aspect of life that we all must deal with is that there is no certainty of how things will be in the future. Even with taking significant measures to secure and sustain a life that’s comfortable within different areas, there is still no concrete assurance that things will turn out positively. One prominent […]Read More

What Does Success Look Like to You?

As a 27-year-old young man, I find myself at times stressing a lot about my life not exactly being where I would like for it to be. Even with knowing that comparison is not healthy at all to do, especially with it sometimes being a killer of confidence within oneself, I see others who have […]Read More

“Where Do We Go From Here”: A reflection of 2019

2019 has been a year nothing short of a roller coaster for many, if not, all of us. We’ve seen new lives come into this world, and the experienced some of the people we cared about or loved dearly come to an end, having some instances where their departure from this life caught us completely […]Read More

The Advantage of Adversity

Comfort and consistency…. these two characteristics of life I would dare say are the basis for just about everything we do. The biggest example which comes to mind for me is with college. The reason some, if not, many of us enroll is to either pursue our passion, to work to be at a different […]Read More

It’s Not them, It’s Me…

A practice I do with myself that has been quite beneficial for me as of late is taking time to reflect on my past and pull wisdom from it to help improve myself for my present and future life. It also allows me to use my life and the experiences within it to be an […]Read More


Growing up, my father was known for giving me life lesson lectures at the most inconvenient of moments. He’d do things like wait until I was in an intense game of Call of Duty with friends or wait till I was working on past due papers which were late because of my own procrastination and […]Read More

Don’t Settle with What You See…

As a young man with aspirations of enjoying a financially comfortable future with my “not found yet , but hopefully will show up soon” wife, I believe having a strong financial foundation is important to work on building while single. This desire led me into reading and researching different ways to create, improve and sustain […]Read More