My name is Sierra Von and I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. In May 2017, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business. After spending a couple of years completing all the requirements for my degree, I now have time to pursue my passion for all things music and can now further tap into my creative side. My desire to learn about and share the abundance of artistic creativity surrounding us, led me to establish this website. While my background is music, there is so much else happening in our culture that is fresh, waiting to be discovered and shared among like-minded individuals. If you did not know about it before, you will know now because I plan to share with you, all the new things I learn about creative people, ideas and places. Please know that those creative, different folk with a special talent, story or idea will always have a special place in my heart and hopefully a place on my website.

It is my desire that this site be a creative playground where new faces, talent and ideas are shared with you. Since, I have always been the kind of girl who wanted to do everything, I am going to take the opportunity to make this site represent a little of everything I am interested in learning about, pursuing and sharing as well as a platform for other writers and artists to share their stories, ideas, talent and opinions. I hope you all enjoy what you see and read here. Tell a friend and submit some creative pieces to me so we can have you featured on unCovered Culture’s site.


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