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The summer is here and because the heat is so crazy less is better. I know for myself that during the summer months, I try to cool it with heavy makeup because sweat and makeup don’t mix well. However, there are some pretty cool ways to achieve the no make up look by applying light […]Read More

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Jade Roller

1: Relieves facial muscles & makes your beauty products worth your buck! Our facial muscles can have a lot of tension & this one way to give yourself and face muscles a relief. Jade roller is also amazing for preventing wrinkles. Then you can prevent common flair ups that can tend to cause headaches. As […]Read More

Oscars 2019: Who Wore What

The 91stAcademy Award, The Oscars, aired Sunday February 24th. The Oscars’ red carpet is where the world’s most prestigious actors and actresses present themselves for a night of elegance and show-stopping trendsetting. The trends for the night were filled with an array of pink, sparkles, elegant capes, velvet and women in nice suites . The […]Read More

Jimmy and Mary’s Authentic Body Care

The journey of Jimmy and Mary’s started on their wedding day, and they gave out small jars of whipped shea butter mix as a wedding favor. Well, it was a big hit because their family and friends started requesting more even while they were on their honeymoon. However, this is how Jimmy and Mary came […]Read More

Beauty Secret : Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Benefits of using Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask       1. Clay helps control the overproduction of sebum Overproduction of sebum is caused by too much oil on the skin, abnormal shedding of dead skin cells and excess bacteria. However, this is what typically causes acne. If you are prone to outbreaks it can […]Read More

Winter Skin Care Tips

  Below are a couple of steps and tips to help keep your skin radiant and glowing during these harsh dry winter months. 1. Cleanse Experts say it is a good idea to switch to a soap-free, non-foaming cleanser during the winter months. Theses cleansers tend to strip away the layer that protects your skin […]Read More

Tips for Natural Hair During The Winter Months

Winter Time has fallen amongst us! This time of year we have to take extra care of our natural hair because around this time we tend to suffer from dry and brittle hair. 1. Wear A Silk Scarf or Bonnet   Protecting your hair at night is very important. Primarily during the winter months because […]Read More

The New Generation Of Beauty: FENTY BEAUTY

    Rihanna has changed the game for many mainstream beauty lines. Rihanna has finally released her latest project which is Fenty Beauty. Let me just say the world is going crazy about the R&B singer’s beauty line. Rihanna was very focused on skin she wanted to make sure she had something for everyone. There […]Read More

MAC Cosmetics Announce Aaliyah’s Collection Coming Summer 2018

  COMING SUMMER 2018    (Aug 24) One day before the 16th Anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing . MAC Cosmetics announced the release of Aaliyah’s MAC Cosmetics line due to release Summer 2018. MAC keeps giving us that black girl magic. The world is going crazy about it because Aaliyah is an icon that is truly […]Read More

Carlinn Marie “The Beauty Enthusiast”

    Meet the lovely Carlinn Marie; she’s an upcoming beauty vlogger and full-time cosmetologist based out of Virginia Beach, VA. You know the saying turn your passion into your paycheck well Carlinn Marie does just that. Carlinn Marie has a love for all things beauty, she is a second generation hair stylist, so beauty […]Read More