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THE BREADTH & DEPTH OF MY LOVEThe breadth and depth of My love Will never be contained in every ocean combined. It won’t find enough fulfilled discoveries Under the masses of every unturned ocean shell.My love is stronger than the throw of Jupiter on Mars. My love outnumbers the quantum physics of the stars. My […]Read More

The Title of Your Eternal Song

It’s not the time that holds you back, It’s your songs you sing of lack. It’s your mind that’s under attack. Focus on prospering in your life, health and soul accounts. It’s what you speak that will bring it about. Speak words of life that gives birth to your future. It’s not all about the […]Read More

Acknowledge Me…

When you’re in a room with friends Do you say their name and converse until the conversation ends? Do you call and talk about it all Take advice and speak on all that’s wrong; Or offensive; to everything that’s beautiful and nice? And speak on what you reaped and the price? Does it ever occur […]Read More

Baby Phat x Forever 21

Baby Phat is back like it never left! Last week, June 13th, Kimora Lee relaunched her popular urban-wear brand Baby Phat in collaboration with Forever 21. The collection did a slight rebrand to give the products a more modern look while still keeping the same early 2000’s flavor but don’t worry all pieces have the signature […]Read More

Tracee Ellis Ross Stars As Jodie & Executive Produce 90’s

If you’re a 90’s baby, then you are probably screaming on the inside about MTV bringing back the best show from our era, which is “Daria.” The Emmy-nominated actress Tracee Ellis Ross will executive produce and voice the first black female lead in going on 20 years on an adult animated series. First, can we […]Read More

Sometimes You Have To Go Off The Grid …

In the light of Mental Health Awareness, I wanted to talk about how social media can affect your mental health. Social media is mainly all about glitz and glamour. Everyone on social media seems like their life is fantastic, and everyone has it all together. If you are ever starting feel like social media is […]Read More

99 & Two Thousand: An Anthology of Modern Millennial Stories

unCovered Culture had the wonderful opportunity to be in the room full of talented, visionaries, and world changers. We live in a world where the millennial generation is continuously looked down upon, and they don’t realize that we are out here setting the bar high for the next generation. The agency 20 sumn put together […]Read More

Tommy Hilfiger X ZENDAYA

First off, we just want to recognize Zendaya on a job well done with her first fashion show, Tommy knew what he was doing when he decided to Collab with this young fashionista. Last week during Paris Fashion Week Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya debuted their women’s spring ready-to-wear collection. The runway was graced by all […]Read More