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Acknowledge Me…

When you’re in a room with friends Do you say their name and converse until the conversation ends? Do you call and talk about it all Take advice and speak on all that’s wrong; Or offensive; to everything that’s beautiful and nice? And speak on what you reaped and the price? Does it ever occur […]Read More

God Loves You!

God Loves You I am God who loves you in all stagesI am God who loves throughout the agesFrom generation to generationI hold the nationsAnd have set my affections on you. Through battles and life’s stormsI am far above the norm.I am Spirit and TruthAnd knew you before your mother as a youth I behold […]Read More

Jae Nichelle – Friends With Benefits #Poetry

    Jae Nichelle performs her poem ” Friends With Benefits” at the Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival last month. The poem is a metaphorical description of an everyday struggle with anxiety. As for someone who struggles with anxiety like myself, it’s so easy to understand everything Jae talks about in this poem.   Jae […]Read More