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Fashionable Moments of 2018

Welcome to the first post of the new year! First, I just want to say Happy New Year, may your year be filled with blessings and joy. I can’t believe we have made it through another year fashionable year! Today we are reflecting on some trendy pieces from 2018 some we loved some not so […]Read More

Top 5 Music Business Books To Read

The best thing to do when you’re passionate about your craft is never to stop learning about it. I know many creatives/musicians come to the online magazine just for the music business portion of things so they can gain more insight about the industry. Well, I am a lover of reading, and I believe books […]Read More

The Heavenly Songbird Leah Labelle Releases EP “Love To The

Leah Labelle’s new EP titled “Love To The Moon” was released on September 7th, which would have been her 32nd birthday. However, Leah tragically died in a car accident earlier this year. We were blessed that her loved ones were able to put this project together in her honor. The EP consists of 5 songs, […]Read More

Keep The Same Energy

First, let me start off by saying WELCOME BACK UNCOVERED CULTURE!!! Our team is now back in full effect and ready to do some big things with the magazine. Promise the wait will be worthwhile. I was doing some brainstorming about what to write and, I gained some inspiration through a quote that happens to […]Read More

The future: A Canvas Awaiting Creation

Take a look at the picture up top . Imagine this page being in front of you, along with some art supplies and one simple instruction…Only you can use the paper.The things you can do and create with this blank piece of paper are LIMITLESS, yet what determines what it becomes is dependent upon your […]Read More

Ace $tranger Releases His First Solo Project Sincerely, Amar…

  I LET HER DRIVE … SHE LET ME BLOW MY DOPE     Ace $tranger is from Norfolk, VA from an area known as Curry Park. Ace has recently released his first project with his whole brand/label behind him called KSDOC (Known Strangers/Definition of Cool). The four-track EP is called Sincerely, Amar with an added […]Read More

Shoe Clips: Back Like They Never Left

The most important accessory to any outfit is the shoes. I’ve discovered shoe clips they go along perfect for any outfit you decide to pair them with; shoe clips can transform your look, It’s the statement piece to bring any outfit together. In minutes your shoes can go from average to unique! It’s exciting to […]Read More

Music Publishing Vs. Record Labels What’s The Difference?

We are back with some more music business tips, and this time we will go over the difference between music publishing companies and record labels. Sometimes music business talk can get a little confusing, so I try to make it easy and straightforward for all of us to understand especially my upcoming artists… I just […]Read More

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Link Up For “Finesse” Remix

    Finesse Remix Collab is one for the culture and everything that the music world needs right now. If you love the 90s haha well it only gets better from here. First of all, Cardi B has had such a great year in 2017 and here when are only three days into 2018, and […]Read More

Things You Should Know Before You Hire A Music Manager

    As a musician, there are things you should know before hiring a music manager. There have been many cases where people hire managers, and things don’t work out as they planned because of lack of communication, lack of work ethic, and even real business skills. Music Managers are typically intimately involved in your […]Read More